My Individual

I am a young guy living in Bern, Switzerland. Loving IT, active sports like mountain biking, skiing and running, passive sports like football and icehockey, cooking, wine and my beloved family and friends.

Thinking big, starting small, scaling fast.
Sometimes I'm even a photographer, drone pilot or just listening to some nice tunes.

My Work

IT enthusiast with 15 years of experience, emphasising on Data and Security Analytics. Served as a trusted advisor, solution architect and engineer. Now working as Product Manager at Gemini. Won Splunk’s developer contest twice in categories “Innovation” and “Insider Threat & Fraud Detection”.

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My Passion

Loving mother nature, especially Swiss mountains for mountain biking and skiing. Traveling and exchange with different cultures are the essence for my living. Conducted by respect, tolerance and common sense. Thinking positive and chasing the impossible.


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