My Individual

As a Digital Native, I have Technology in my veins. I love active sports like mountain biking, skiing and running; passive sports like football and icehockey; savoir vivre with cooking & wine and my beloved family and friends.

Thinking big, starting small, scaling fast.

Sometimes I'm even a photographer, drone pilot or just listening to some nice tunes.

My Passion

I truly believe that technology can make the world a little better, but only in conjunction with human. As a Resident Product Manager, I support Technology Ventures building and launching products with human-centric design that make the users life and business easier.

  • Human
  • Data
  • Mobile
  • Tasks
  • Security
  • Collaboration

My Principles

I live and work by always thinking miles ahead and chasing the north star. Starting small, fast and lean to build a meaningful product that truly addresses user challenges. I listen to people, and listen again. Learning, adjusting, adopting and repeating. Collaborating with people and being open to different cultures are the essence for my living and passion. Conducted by respect, tolerance and common sense. Thinking positive and chasing the impossible.


Need advice or help with your tech venture or product, or simply want to talk shop? I'd love to hear from you.